Antony Syndicate has an excellent track record in the following areas:
  • Accounting, GST, BAS, Auditing and Financial Report preparation.
  • Income taxation services (Tax Agent No. 78992001 - Mark Antony Guest).
  • Outsourced financial control and accountancy operations.
  • Monthly and quarterly financial reporting to boards and business owners.
  • Expert financial opinion and investigation related to legal dispute. 
  • Company Secretarial services, including incorporation, ongoing ASIC return lodgement and director "coaching".
  • Shareholder dispute resolution including management / minority buyout advice, arrangement and funding.
  • Corporate profitability improvement including cost reduction, Activity Based Costing analysis, supplier negotiations and business process improvements.
  • Trustee Services including asset protection, estate planning, and executor services and assistance.
  • Superannuation services including Self Managed Fund establishment and auditing.
  • Business Advice, Business Planning, Immigration Solutions, Business Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Business Sale, Strategic & Business Plans, Problem Solving and Solution Implementation.
  • Commercial and investment property advice and financial management.
  • Not-for-profit organisation establishment, consulting and auditing.
  • Fraud investigation, mitigation and prevention services.
  • Treasury systems of internal control analysis and review.
  • Charity establishment and registration.

Fees as at May 2011 - including GST, VAT, (Subject to Sydney CPI adjustment each August):

Personal tax returns start at $150 (prior to discount arrangements). Business and investor tax returns start at $215.

Australian administration services start at AUD $420.75 a day plus out-of-pocket expenses.  (Depending on the staff used our small business rate starts at $56.10 per hour, medium business $76.90 per hour and large business is as agreed per assignment).

Australian accountancy services start at AUD $536.58 a day plus approved out-of-pocket expenses.  (Our small business rates range from $56.10 to $167.64 per hour, medium business rates range from $65.00 to $222.82 per hour and our large business rates range from $65.00 to $250 per hour or as is agreed per assignment). 

(Why do we deal with small business? Most large business started out small!)
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